James Bond, Watch Out ForAtomic Blonde

This 2017, prepare to witness an action spy thriller movie that will take your breath away. Atomic Blonde is written by Kurt Johnstad and directed by David Leitch and this is actually the first time he does it solo. The movie is based on the graphic novel entitled “The Coldest City” made by Anthony Johnston and Sam Hart in 2012. Atomic Blonde premiered on March 12, 2017, at South by Southwest. It was later on released in theaters by Focus Features.

Atomic Blonde grossed $73,000,000 world wide after its release, and critics generally ranked the movie with positive reviews who took notice in the neat action sequences, soundtrack, and the phenomenal acting of the cast.

James Bond’s Proxy?

Yes, that might be the case right now. Charlize Theron is the one who acted as Lorraine Broughton, a top Secret Intelligence Service field agent. No, Theron did not get the role as easy as lifting a finger. She had to go through strenuous training not just with the acting skills for the character but also with her body for the fighting scenes. In fact, there was even a time when shebroke her two teeth because of such training! She really deserved this role and her efforts sparkled with the critics’ acclaims for her exceptional performance.

The Gist

Staying alive and using her abilities to fight have been the routine of the sensual, bold, and fearless Lorraine Broughton. However, after being called upon to retrieve a priceless collection of documents and to bring down the group of spies as the Berlin Wall is about to fall, she again took off and did what she’s good at doing. This time, however, she did not do it alone (remember, even the biggest heroes have someone by their side!) and together they made their way through this dangerous terrain.

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